Recording Policy

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We invite all attendees to participate in an open and inclusive environment by sharing their ideas, stories, and passions. With that being said, we recognize that privacy is a considerable concern for the security community and the public at large, therefore it is important for us to establish clear boundaries for balancing personal privacy and capturing moments.

Taking pictures, recording videos, or capturing audio of participants who do not explicitly give you permission to do so may be grounds for harassment and is a violation of our Code of Conduct. This includes recording crowds from the front where individuals may be identified which is generally considered in poor taste. If you are asked to delete or obscure a picture you were not given permission to take, you are expected to do so immediately.

If you do not comply with this policy you will be asked by BSides Pensacola Staff or it’s Security Team to deposit your recording devices in a secure location offsite before returning to the event. If you choose to remain non-compliant with our instructions you will be asked to leave the event venue without refund and may be banned from participating in future events or services organized by BSides Pensacola.